Japanese Used Dump Trucks

Dump trucks from Japan are very popular all over the world. Japanese truck makers like Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan Diesel have different models of dump trucks in medium duty and heavy duty trucks. These dump trucks from Japan are popular because of their sturdiness, reliability, safety features and performance. Used Japanese Trucks are also in high demand in Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and Europe.

 Dump trucks are mostly used for transportation of construction materials like stone, boulder, pebble, earth and sand. Japanese Dump trucks are available from 2-3 ton to 50-60 ton capacity so as to fulfill the requirement of customer. Dump trucks from Japan are designed differently to cater the certain types of loads. Most of the dump trucks are fitted with hydraulic ramps to lift the body, which can be underbody mounted, front-mounted or open. Underbody-mounted dump truck is the only alternative for three way dump trucks which can be tipped from both side and rear side as well. Massive earthmovers which are commonly known as "quarry dumpers" are designed to tip but they operate off-highway. “Open dump trucks” are sheeted over nowadays as safety rules are becoming strict in most of the countries. "high-sided bulk dump trucks" are used for lighter material such as coke, grain or coal.

When you decide about buying used dump trucks from Japan, there are many questions that arise in ones mind. Here are few tips what all care and precautions to be taken.

Research of  Used  dump trucks

Pay attention to what you're buying

Before buying do some research about the vehicle in your mind and check whether the dump truck have a negative history. Take help of analysis by professional and consumer, and the options. Try to collect current details of trade and up downs in market value. Study the mileage status and state of the Dump truck. Stay away from dump which is dramatically modified, too much mileage dump or which is from natural disaster locales. Avoid to purchase from bankrupt owner or who are law enforcement seizures.

Select used dump trucks with low mileage

If you have to select from almost identical dump with different mileage, prefer the dump with low mileage. Again the resell value of low mileage dump is more.

History of ownership

If the history of ownership shows that it is owned by many owners previously, then the chances are more that the said vehicle is faulty. Normally a two year used dump has one owner, and a five year old dump truck may have more than three to four owners. You can always check for service records, if you find inconsistency in service record then vehicle could be faulty. The used dump trucks from Japan available in market for lease are mostly used by an individual for personal use, or in a company. You may find out the exact condition from its maintenance.

Think about Resale value Factor

 New dump cost several dollars to make it well equipped. On the other hand loaded used dump trucks may sound costlier, but they are the perfect options for new cars. Deluxe model has more resell value than original model of the same truck. And again popular models have more resell value. Gentrally used Hino trucks, used Nissan Diesel trucks, Used Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and Used Isuzu trucks have good resale value.

Age of dump trucks and Depreciation are important

The earlier owner absorbs a big portion of the total depreciation of used dump trucks. If you are buying before the level of depreciation move downwards and still you get a almost model like new one. This normally happens for used dump trucks which are more than two years old. However it may differ according to model and make. You must know the difference between age of a dump truck and depreciation, so as to arrive an idle price.

Importing Used Trucks from Japan

After taking due precautions, you can import used dump trucks directly from Japan. You have to make sure that the sales agreement should clearly mention about the price, terms, repairs or the present condition of used vehicles from Japan. Many countries have different import regulations for bringing the vehicles into the country, and you should check all these regulations to avoid disappointment at a later stage.